Tobias’s Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (1990)


The Ford Sierra is an important car – there’s no denying it. When it was released in 1982 it marked a step-change in car aerodynamics and styling that some would argue, influenced the way cars have been designed ever since. You see with the Sierra, for the first time, Ford prioritised aerodynamic performance over looks. The result? Well… a bit of disaster at first.

When the Sierra was first revealed it was torn to pieces by the motoring press and public alike. Critics (and there were many) gave it the name “Jellymould”. Ford had a problem, and they knew it. Sales never took off, and Ford dealers soon began to complain that they couldn’t shift these new, futuristic looking cars.

Once it became clear the public weren’t going to “become accustomed to” the new radical styling any time soon, the executives at Ford quickly began work on designing a range of “Sporting Sierras”. It was their belief that some styling tweaks (to give the car a more muscular appearance) along with playing heavily off the car’s technical abilities, would turn the tide and make the Sierra the hit the executives at Ford had envisaged it would be.

Well thank god the original Sierra was such a flop. Because of this Ford were forced to produce one of their most incredible cars to date – The Sierra RS Cosworth. In 1987 the Sierra was given a facelift. It’s more radical features were toned down, and by this time other manufacturers had begun to follow Ford’s lead in designing aerodynamically influenced cars (so the public perception had softened too). The Facelifted Sierra RS Cosworth was as big of a hit as the original and classic Ford enthusiasts will pay BIG BUCKS for a tidy example now.

The Owner: Tobias, Age 34, Lives in Sweden
The Owner: Tobias, Age 34, Lives in Sweden

Dream Car: A Ford GT40, replica or not, I want to own one once in my life!

Tobias’s Sierra RS Cosworth is just that – an incredibly tidy example of an incredible car. It’s genuinely hard to find Sierra Cosworths in this condition now and Tobias’s car is just a beauty!

When the values of these car were at rock-bottom (because of the amount of power and superb capabilities they offered) many of them got into the hands of… errrr… let’s say ‘boy racers’ to be kind. As a result a decent number of Sierra Cosworths ended up either unrecognisably modified or in a ditch!

We contacted Tobias when we saw his Cossie posted online. He’s done a lot of work to this car, and really brought it back from the dead. Read the interview to find out his story…

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (1990)

This turbo-charged 80's sleeper saloon practically gave birth to the name "fast ford"!
Model Year 1990
Model Sierra RS Cosworth
Make Ford
Keywords classic british, classic car, fast ford, ford, Modified


  • Owning a Sierra Cosworth was a childhood dream for Tobias, and it's certainly lived up to his expectations.
  • Tobias says the car is a "sleeper with so much raw punch" and that it "sends good vibes down the spine every time the turbo kicks you in the back"!
  • He bought the car in a bit of a sorry state, with a blown piston so he set about a monster engine rebuild (replacing and upgrading virtually everything).
  • As a result the car runs over 350bhp now, and redlines in seconds!


  • Full engine rebuild with huge upgrades including forged pistons, hard lifters, crankcase ventilation, oil capture tank…
  • Balanced flywheel, reconditioned and upgraded turbo, silicone hoses, reinforced clutch… the list goes on.
  • 17 inch "Team Dynamics" Motorsport Wheels.
  • Custom Boost Gauges mounted inside.
  • Vented discs and brake upgrades all-round.
  • Custom front headlight bezels by "Morette" and a de-badged grill.

Interview with the owner

  • When did you first purchase the car?
    In the Autumn of 2019.
  • What made you buy a Sierra RS Cosworth?
    It was a childhood dream and a thing on my bucket list… and, it's an awesome car!
    It's what I call a sleeper with so much raw punch that it delivers. It sends good vibes down the spine every time the turbo kicks you in the back.
    Just talking about it gave me a semi haha!
  • What's it like to drive?
    It's raw. It's a good bumpy ride and the 4×4 gives it that grip that's well needed to just send it in to the corners! But seriously, I find this 90's car the finest of its time. I so much enjoy it!
  • What's the current BHP?
    355 bhp!
  • Has the car been restored / rebuilt?
    Yes partly. I got it really cheap, but with one piston blown. So it was an "engine out" job.
    I changed almost everything in it, and did many upgrades so now, a couple of minutes with the rpm-limit reached is no problem for it!
  • Tell us more about these upgrades… judging by the power we assume most of those were directed at the engine?
    Yes it's been fully rebuilt using some original Cosworth parts (which are amazing anyway) and lots of upgrades from race engines. These include forged pistons, hard lifters, upgraded crankcase ventilation system and oil capture tank, a balanced crank and flywheel, reconditioned and upgraded turbo, silicone and braided hoses, changes to the ignition system, a reinforced clutch… the list goes on.
  • What other mods have you done?
    It sits on a set of 17 inch "Team Dynamics" Motorsport Wheels. I've also added custom headlight bezels by "Morette" and de-badged the grill!
  • And inside it looks pretty much standard, have you done anything there?
    It's got a fire extinguisher mounted in the glove compartment, and also some custom boost gauges on the a-pillar.
  • Is the car a "keeper" or will you sell it one day?
    It's for sale right now!
  • Ok final question – ignoring cost, and assuming you couldn’t go and sell it for profit… what’s your dream car and why?
    A Ford GT40! A replica or not, I would want to own one once in my life.
Owner: Tobias
Model: Sierra RS Cosworth
Make: Ford
Keywords: classic british, classic car, fast ford, ford, Modified

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