Paul’s Porsche 968 (1993)


The Porsche 968 was really the “swan song” for Porsche’s dalliance with front-engined rear-wheel-drive sports cars (a project they began 20 years previously with the 924). Over the previous 20 years Porsche had learned a lot, and with the 968 they packaged all of that learning into what was immediately received as an incredibly capable and technologically impressive car.

Contrary to what some people say (that the 968 is a 944 in drag) the newer 968 only shares around 20% of its components with it’s predecessor. This made the newer car a vast improvement on what was already a brilliantly balanced car. A very “Porsche” approach, keep the styling changes subtle and put maximum focus into mechanical improvements (they’ve done this with the 911 ever since its inception too!)

The purists out there will also keenly remind you, that the 968, unlike the 924 and 944 wasn’t built in an Audi factory… it was built for Porsche, by Porsche!

Most 968’s run in the region of 250 bhp which (if you’ve driven one) is plenty for what is still a very “analogue” driver focussed car. They used Porsches now updated 3.0 litre inline-four water-cooled engine. The jewel in the crown of course is the lightweight “club sport” which was released in very limited numbers (and colour schemes for that matter!)

The Owner: Paul, Lives in Essex, UK
The Owner: Paul, Lives in Essex, UK

Dream Car: I build my dream cars and there’s no expense spared!

Paul’s 968 is a stunning example of a car you just don’t see that often anymore (only 12,000 were made and some estimates suggest less than 50% of them are still on the road). We love the gloss grey colour, and the subtle modifications and tweaks that Paul has done. The result is a car that looks fantastic without losing any of its original charm.

We tracked Paul down to find out more about his 968 (which he saved from ‘death by rotting away on a driveway’) and to hear his story! Read the owner interview below to find out more….

Porsche 968 (1993)

Porsche's final incarnation of the "front-engined, rear-wheel drive" recipe was one hell of a way to finish!
Model Year 1993
Model 968
Make Porsche
Keywords 90’s, classic german, German, Porsche


  • This car had sat on someone’s driveway for 6 years and desperately needed saving when Paul found it.
  • Paul gave the car the TLC it deserved, overhauling it mechanically, and doing a fantastic job on the exterior.
  • He's done a range of performance modifications including chipping the engine for more power and fitting a custom stainless exhaust system.
  • Paul has also done some really tasteful exterior mods including a carbon rear spoiler and some split-rim deep dish wheels – love it!
  • He's not done yet though – he plans to give the car a full respray and get the wheels made a bit wider… because why not!


  • After the engine had a full Porsche service it was chipped to boost power from 240bhp to 260bhp. A K&N panel filter was fitted along with a common air-box modification and 8.5mm HT leads.
  • A full custom stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted.
  • The car runs a Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential at the rear.
  • GAZ gold coil-overs are fitted all round and these are powder-coated black to look factory with metallic black springs.
  • Full carbon fibre Turbo RS spoiler fitted, and a carbon fibre front splitter being made at the moment!
  • Speedline for Porsche Alessio 3-piece split rims with body colored centres.

Interview with the owner

  • When did you first purchase the car?
  • What made you buy a Porsche 968?
    This car had sat on someone’s drive for 6 years and needed saving – I couldn't help myself.
  • What's it like to drive?
    Like it’s on rails.
  • What's the current BHP?
    260 bhp!
  • Has the car been restored / rebuilt?
    Yes it's had a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory. Including a full belt change, full service including new fluids, new brakes including discs and pads, calliper rebuilds, the list goes on!
  • And you've done some really subtle and tasteful modifications, tell us more about those…
    I've done work to the Engine, Axle, Suspension, Bodywork, Wheels & Tyres!
  • What have you done to the engine?
    After the engine had a full Porsche service, I then replaced the chip to boost power from 240bhp to 260bhp, fitted a K&N panel filter and did the air-box modification and fitted 8.5mm HT leads, and a full custom stainless steel exhaust!
    NOTE: "The airbox mod" is a common modification for 968 Porsches, you can find info on it here!
  • What have you done to the axle / drivetrain?
    I fitted a Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential.
  • What have you done to the suspension?
    GAZ gold coil-overs, but I had these powder-coated in black to look factory with metallic black springs!
  • What have you done to the bodywork?
    I've fitted a full carbon-fibre Turbo RS spoiler.
    And I've got a carbon-fibre front splitter being made at the moment.
    The car will soon be going in to have all the glass removed and a full paint job to make it ready to show anywhere!
  • What have you done with the wheels & tyres? (we're a fan by the way…)
    It's got "Speedline for Porsche" Alessio 3-piece split rims with body-coloured centres.
    The wheels are going to be redone once it’s been lowered – they will have gold bolts and wider outer rims and wider tyres!
  • Do you plan to do any further modifications to it?
    Yes, it's going to have a custom Tech-art carbon 4 piece front splitter fitted soon, and some led lighting.
  • Is the car a "keeper" or will you sell it one day?
    She's a keeper!
  • Now you've told us you're a bit of a car nut Paul, so what else have you got hiding away?
    I've also got the following…
    – 1982 BMW E21 Motorsport
    – 2019 BMW X4M competition
    – 2016 Ford Ranger Raptor/F150
    – And many BMW cafe racers!!!
  • Ok final question – ignoring cost, and assuming you couldn’t go and sell it for profit… what’s your dream car and why?
    I build my dream cars and there’s no expense spared
    Our View: Can't say fairer than that!
Owner: Paul
Model: 968
Make: Porsche
Keywords: 90’s, classic german, German, Porsche

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