Mitch’s Audi 100 C3 “Type 44” (1987)


For those who don’t consider themselves “Audi Anoraks” the Audi 100, first released in 1968, was designed to be an executive-level, luxury saloon, and is the product line that ultimately became the Audi A6 (as we know it better today).

Prior to becoming the Audi A6, the Audi 100 was in production for over 15 years and spanned multiple generations. The one we’re talking about today though, is the C3 (third-generation). When the C3 was first released in 1982 it was clear that fuel-economy (and by consequence, aerodynamics) had been a major factor in the new design. In fact the car achieved a staggeringly low drag-coefficient for the time thanks to features we now take for granted on modern cars, such as “trim-less” windows, flush door-handles, smooth body lines, and a highly raked windscreen.

The Owner: Mitch, Age 30, Lives in Belgium
The Owner: Mitch, Age 30, Lives in Belgium

Check out Mitch’s Instagram here

Not only did the C3 set the new standard for aerodynamic styling, it also signified a few firsts for the German manufacturer. The C3 was Audi’s first car to feature the bizarre, but revolutionary, crash-safety technology “procon-ten” (if you haven’t heard of this we highly recommend you check it out). The C3 was also the first time the “Avant” name was used to designate a touring/estate bodied car rather than a saloon or coupe (something Audi have stuck with ever since!).

The third-generation Audi 100 was available with a mind-boggling array of engines across its global market with no less than 14 different options available (don’t worry, were not going to list them all here). In short both petrol engines and diesel were available, and customers could choose from pokey 1.8 litre carburettor-fed engines with around 75bhp, right up to fuel-injected, turbo-charged 2.2 litre engines with over 160bhp!

The C3 Audi 100 was enormously successful and sold over 1-million units, however admittedly, it’s not a car that jumps to mind when you think of finding something cool to modify. Despite this, Mitch has shown that sometimes the most unlikely of cars, when a bit of inspiration and vision is applied to them, can make some of the coolest retro motors. We absolutely love this car, and if you read the owner interview below, there’s a really touching story to go with it!

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Audi 100 C3 “Type 44” (1987)

Audi probably never expected their highly sensible, executive-level saloon to end up slammed on air-ride with deep dish chrome wheels tucked under the arches… but by god does it work well!
Model Year 1987
Model 100 C3
Make Audi
Keywords air ride, Audi, classic german, German, Lowered, Modified


  • Tidied engine-bay with a custom polished manifold and rocker.
  • Painted gearbox (in Millennium silver) with chrome detailing.
  • Modified rear axle, allowing it to go lower, painted in semigloss black with chrome detailing.
  • Custom made suspension with a accu-air valve management/ steering system.
  • Exterior wise the car has been painted "Tornado Red" with additional smoothing work done to bumpers.
  • 16" Porsche Wintercult Deckel ceramic polished wheels – Fronts are 16" et 65 7.5J, and Rears are 16" et 58.5 8J's!
  • full restoration and customised interior with beige leather and Burberry check.

Interview with the owner

  • When did you first purchase the car Mitch?
    14 years ago / 2007.
  • What made you buy this make and model in particular?
    The car was from my grandfather. He bought the car new but due to medical issues he wasn't able to drive the car any longer – that was back in 2002.
    So the Audi stood still for 7 years before being passed on to me.
    Everyone in the family loves this car, and it holds a lot of memories for my Dad and uncles. Every single time I go and show my grandfather the car and how I've changed something on it it brings tears (of happiness) to his eyes. He loves it how I cherish the car! But he also calls me crazy! hahaha.
    As a side note, I also decided to get a tattoo related to the Audi. I wanted something from the Audi on me because of the emotion value for me, so I tattooed the chassis numbers!!!
  • What's it like to drive?
    Great!!!! It's way better then a modern car!
    You feel and hear everything that's just lovely. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • Do you know the current BHP?
    75 Horsepower!
  • Has the car been restored / rebuilt?
    Yes it's had a lot of work.
    Bodywork : Everything is original, but it's been made "OEM+". What do I mean by that? Well I've taken the bumpers, grills, front-lip and mirrors and painted them semi-gloss black. This was so everything was smooth and shiny like the paint of the car. The wheelhouse is also painted in red, and the rear axle is painted semigloss black with chrome details.
    Engine: The Audi has got an original 1.8 petrol engine with no performance-updates. But visually the engine is now 70% chrome with a lot of details (Chrome is done by K-Tech, Germany) the rest is painted in semi-gloss black with a minimised engine bay.
    Interior: The Audi has a carpet from Porsche, the dashboard is lined in beige leather, Steering wheel and shifter are originals from Nardi, and the seats are also lined with beige leather and Burberry! The headlining is with beige alcantara. The Pedals are covered with leather with "100" on it from Audi 100 too!
    Trunk: Also lined with beige leather and Burberry and 1987 embroidered in places, plus 2 compressors with copper lines and a polished tank!
  • Wow, so in terms of other modifications, what else have you done?
    I've also modified the gearbox, the rear axle, it's got custom suspension, custom wheels, and has had a new paint job.
  • What have you done to the gearbox?
    Painted the gearbox in Millennium silver with chrome details.
  • What have you done to the axle / drivetrain?
    Modified the rear axle to go lower and also painted it in semigloss black with chrome details.
  • What have you done to the suspension?
    Custom made suspension with a accu-air valve management/ steering system.
  • What have you done to the paintwork?
    A full-body respray in a new colour – Tornado red. The original colour was flamingo grey/beige and believe me, that was not a nice colour!
  • The wheels are amazing – what are they?
    16" Porsche Wintercult Deckel ceramic polished!
    Front : 16" et 65 7.5J
    Rear : 16" et 58.5 8J
  • Do you plan to do any further modifications to it?
    Yes, I want to get the underside of the car looking as good as the top!
  • Ok final question – ignoring cost, and assuming you couldn’t go and sell it for profit… what’s your dream car and why?
    Audi Ur-Quattro!!!!!!
    That's just porn on wheels. The lines and that look! Love it!!
Owner: Mitch
Model: 100 C3
Make: Audi
Keywords: air ride, Audi, classic german, German, Lowered, Modified

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