Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked, and we’ve answered!

What’s your acceptance criteria for cars on Driveaholics.com?

Ultimately we don’t have a rule on what cars we do or do not accept on Driveaholics.com – we are generally open to all types of car. However we do want the website to feature interesting and cool cars, because that’s what our readers come here for, so for any submission we receive we use our special ‘in house’ formula… RCM +/- (PR)

…Ok, we’re just trying to sound clever with that. Really what is means is when considering a submission we’ll ask ourselves is the car Rare, Classic, or Modified? (plus we’ll consider all Project cars and Race cars!)

For example of you submit a bog-standard modern BMW 3-Series… it’s not going to get featured. On the other hand if it’s an E30 3-series with a trick engine and a welded-diff then it certainly WILL get featured… You get the idea!

Simple rule – If in doubt submit your car and you’ll soon find out!

How do I get my car into the “Featured Specials” section?

We aim to add one car per month into the “Featured Specials” section, however this isn’t a strict rule, and sometimes we may add more, sometimes we may add less.

For a car to be considered for the “Featured Specials” section it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • EITHER… It must have ten “5 star ratings”
  • OR… It must have ten “likes”
  • OR… It must have five comments
  • OR… We just really, really like it!

To us, this shows that your car is popular and has generated interest, and deserves to be considered for the “Featured Specials” section.

So moral of the story – once you’re car is listed on the website share the link with as many friends as possible on social channels, ask them to “like” and “rate” your car and you’ll be in for a decent chance of getting featured! This sort of activity will also help us spread the word when it comes to Driveaholics.com and will help us get more and more cool cars on the platform for everyone to enjoy.

A true “win-win” situation!

If I see a car I like, can I ask the owner if they want to sell their car?

Importantly we do ask that you refrain from using the comments section on car-posts for asking the owner if they want to sell their car. We have this rule in place as we don’t want owners to feel pressured to start talking car values with other readers in a place as public as the comments section.

If you see a car you fall in love with, and want to ask the owner if they’d consider selling it the first thing to do is check the “Interview with the owner” section of the post, because we do ask all owners whether they’d even consider selling their car. If their answer is a flat-out no, then it may not be worth reaching out.

If you do want to reach out to the owner, your best chance of success is to use our Contact Us page to let us know which car you’re interested in. We will then reach out to the owner to ask them if they’re interested in having a chat with you.

Do you own the content I send to you when submitting my car?

No we don’t – any pictures of your car you send us belong to you. However by submitting your car you do give us permission to use the pictures on any part of our website and social media channels. You also give us permission to edit the photos (such as applying filters, cropping and blurring number plates). For more important information relating to our terms of use and privacy policy please see our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.

Can I ask you to remove my post?

Yes, you can ask us to remove your post at any time, and we will remove it from our website. If we have shared pictures of your car on our social channels we will not remove those, and when you submit your car you do give us permission to share it on our social channels. Please do remember that one thing we cannot control is other readers sharing images of your car, so once pictures of it have been posted on Driveaholics.com they may be shared publicly by other users. We ask all users to ensure they have legal ownership of any car they are posting onto Driveaholics.com. See our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service for more info!