Christian’s Mercedes 230 SL


The beautiful Mercedes 230 SL made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963, where it was introduced by Mercedes as a very safe and fast sports car with high performance, sporting characteristics, and a very high degree of traveling comfort!

The Owner: Christian, Age 49, Lives in the UK
The Owner: Christian, Age 49, Lives in the UK

Dream Car: Mercedes 300SL Gullwing… of course!

Well by today’s standards it would probably be a bit of a stretch to call this car safe, fast, or perhaps even that comfortable. But one thing is undeniable this car is, always has been, and always will be absolutely beautiful to look at. We catch up with owner Christian to find out more!

Mercedes 230SL “Pagoda”

She ain't fast, but she's beautiful!
Model Year 1964
Model 230SL
Make Mercedes
Keywords classic car, Cruiser, German, Original, Unmodified


  • The car has been kept almost completely original
  • It's largely in it's original paintwork apart from a few patches
  • It was originally a German car that Christian imported
  • It's got the Auto gearbox and biscuit leather interior
  • Christian says he's always asked if would sell it, but for now he enjoys it too much!
  • He says even the 280SL's don't feel quick, so why pay the extra for one of them!
  • It's all about the looks, and gentle relaxing "Mercedes Quality" cruising

Interview with the owner

  • When did you first purchase the car?
    I imported the car from Germany 6 years ago
  • What made you buy a 230SL?
    Well, the looks. I've always thought they are beautiful cars. I'd have loved a 280SL, but there a fair bit pricier and to be honest, not much faster!
  • What's it like to drive?
    Very easy to drive. It's got an auto box, and it sort of floats along. It's not a racer.
  • Do you know what power it's running?
    I haven't a clue!
  • Has it been restored or rebuilt?
    No but it's had some bits done to it here and there…
  • Interesting, tell us more about that…
    It's had the brakes overhauled with some modern pads in it. It's also had a bit of tidying up done to some of the bodywork. No major work, just tidying of some surface rust and a bit of repainting in those areas.
  • Any modifications?
    To be honest, no! I wanted to keep the car really original. It's still in it's original paintwork (apart from a few areas) and everything else appears to be original too. Even got the toolkit!
  • Do you plan to do any modifications to it?
    I may look at whether I can upgrade the engine power a bit, but again it's not hugely important to me
  • Is the car a "keeper" or will you sell it one day?
    Well, I keep getting asked by people if I'll sell it – but for now, it's something I want to keep as I'm enjoying it so much. Just need some better weather.
  • Do you own any other interesting cars?
    Yes I've also got a MK1 Golf, which my son uses more than me now! It's great fun – very different to the Mercedes!
  • Ok final question – ignoring cost, and assuming you couldn’t go and sell it for profit… what’s your dream car and why?
    Well that one is easy, if money were no object it would be a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing!
Owner: Christian
Model: 230SL
Make: Mercedes
Keywords: classic car, Cruiser, German, Original, Unmodified

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