James’s Porsche Boxster S ‘986 facelift’ (2003)

We’ve often argued that the first generation Boxster is a car crying out to be modified. The shape itself has all the right ingredients, but in standard form, is just let down by looking a bit, well… 90’s! James clearly gets this. He’s recognised that with the Boxster, there is a really classic shape, and a thoroughly capable car. A set of nice wheels, a touch of lowering… and you get something that looks like this! Hats off to you James.

Mitch’s Audi 100 C3 “Type 44” (1987)

The C3 Audi 100 was enormously successful and sold over 1-million units, however admittedly, it’s not a car that jumps to mind when you think of finding something cool to modify. Despite this, Mitch has shown that sometimes the most unlikely of cars, when a bit of inspiration and vision is applied to them, can make some of the coolest retro motors. We absolutely love this car, and if you read the owner interview below, there’s a really touching story to go with it!

Dan’s Porsche 911 996 C2 (2003)

We think 996 Porsches look their best when they’re low, simple and clean. Over the years their styling has aged nicely, and has taken on a real retro-appeal, and this “keep it simple” approach really complements that. Dan has taken this exact approach with his car, focussing on the natural beauty of the 996 and steering clear of wings and things. Put simply, we love it, and…

Reuben’s Ford Escort MK2 ‘1.3L’ (1979)

You know what we love about Reuben’s Escort? It’s not trying to be anything special, it’s simple and only lightly modified, and as a result it’s packed full of charm. Being a little 1.3 litre, it perhaps lacks a bit of power for modern motoring, but Reuben’s got this covered! He’s planning to up the power with a Pinto engine conversion, something we think is a worthwhile pursuit!

Joe’s Rover 3500 SD1 ‘Vitesse’ (1985)

Joe’s SD1 is a late, series 2, V8 powered model meaning it has fuel-injection which gave the car 190bhp in standard form (huge numbers for the time). The car is immaculate, and we love the fact Joe has modified it from a performance standpoint, but left the car original aesthetically speaking. We caught up with Joe to find out how he found himself to be the owner of this unlikely British sports saloon…

Bobby’s Volkswagen Scirocco MK2 (1984)

What Bobby has done to this car is quite astounding. What’s more astounding is the fact Bobby isn’t a car customiser by trade, he’s a police officer. Somehow (we still haven’t worked out how) he has managed, in just four years, alongside his day job, to do pull off one of the biggest restoration and customisation projects we’ve seen yet!

Shane’s Datsun 240Z (1970)

Shane had a 240Z when he was 21 years old, and like we all do… he sold it and regretted it ever since! When he found this car (a Californian import) he decided he had to have it. It turned out that the “Californian rust free” thing is a bit of a myth because this car needed a lot of metalwork. But Shane is a craftsman and his fabrication skills shine through here. He’s beautifully restored this car and really…

Luke’s Volkswagen Jetta Coupe MK2 (1991)

Luke has a bit of history with retro VW’s. He’s had a MK3 Golf GTI and also still owns a hugely modified MK2f Polo. He recently bought this stunner of a Jetta, and has big plans. He’s already got the car sitting nice and low, and we absolutely love the super-rare Hella DE font grill. Read the interview with Luke to find out what he’s got stored up for this Jetta…