James’s Porsche Boxster S ‘986 facelift’ (2003)

We’ve often argued that the first generation Boxster is a car crying out to be modified. The shape itself has all the right ingredients, but in standard form, is just let down by looking a bit, well… 90’s! James clearly gets this. He’s recognised that with the Boxster, there is a really classic shape, and a thoroughly capable car. A set of nice wheels, a touch of lowering… and you get something that looks like this! Hats off to you James.

Dan’s Porsche 911 996 C2 (2003)

We think 996 Porsches look their best when they’re low, simple and clean. Over the years their styling has aged nicely, and has taken on a real retro-appeal, and this “keep it simple” approach really complements that. Dan has taken this exact approach with his car, focussing on the natural beauty of the 996 and steering clear of wings and things. Put simply, we love it, and…

Brad’s Porsche 944S 2.5L 16v Ventiler (1987)

Brad’s car is a super rare “944 S” and it’s an absolutely beautiful looking thing. Brad has upgraded the car in a range of areas, but one of the most striking (and successful in our opinion) is the addition of flared bolt on arches which are subtle enough to give the car a hugely aggressive stance, whilst looking as if they could have been a factory option…