Bobby’s Volkswagen Scirocco MK2 (1984)

What Bobby has done to this car is quite astounding. What’s more astounding is the fact Bobby isn’t a car customiser by trade, he’s a police officer. Somehow (we still haven’t worked out how) he has managed, in just four years, alongside his day job, to do pull off one of the biggest restoration and customisation projects we’ve seen yet!

Brad’s Porsche 944S 2.5L 16v Ventiler (1987)

Brad’s car is a super rare “944 S” and it’s an absolutely beautiful looking thing. Brad has upgraded the car in a range of areas, but one of the most striking (and successful in our opinion) is the addition of flared bolt on arches which are subtle enough to give the car a hugely aggressive stance, whilst looking as if they could have been a factory option…

Armands’ Nissan Skyline R32 GTST (1992)

This isn’t the first of Armands’ cars we’ve featured on Driveaholics (you can check out his wide-arched Quattro here). It’s safe to say that Armands is a bit of a visionary when it comes to his cars. Not only does he restore and rebuild them, his art for upgrading and modifying them in such a way where they don’t lose their original charm is really quite impressive…