Reuben’s Ford Escort MK2 ‘1.3L’ (1979)

You know what we love about Reuben’s Escort? It’s not trying to be anything special, it’s simple and only lightly modified, and as a result it’s packed full of charm. Being a little 1.3 litre, it perhaps lacks a bit of power for modern motoring, but Reuben’s got this covered! He’s planning to up the power with a Pinto engine conversion, something we think is a worthwhile pursuit!

Joe’s Rover 3500 SD1 ‘Vitesse’ (1985)

Joe’s SD1 is a late, series 2, V8 powered model meaning it has fuel-injection which gave the car 190bhp in standard form (huge numbers for the time). The car is immaculate, and we love the fact Joe has modified it from a performance standpoint, but left the car original aesthetically speaking. We caught up with Joe to find out how he found himself to be the owner of this unlikely British sports saloon…

Adam’s Ford Escort MK1 Mexico “Cosworth YB” (1973)

Adam’s MK1 Escort isn’t your regular Escort – it’s been hugely modified and is running over 300bhp thanks to a Cosworth YB installation! Let us just repeat that… 300bhp plus, in a car that weighs less than 800kg. There isn’t a bit of this car that hasn’t been worked on – it’s been treated to a full restoration, and then had performance…