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Where car enthusiasts share and appreciate each others creations

Story behind Driveaholics.com

As an absolute car nut myself I’m always desperate to show off my pride and joy – my MK1 Ford Capri.

However with the COVID-19 pandemic (plus the crappy winter weather in the UK at the moment) I found my usual outlets of showing off “the beast” were curtailed. No car shows to go to, and very limited ability to get her out on the road.

I decided that if I felt this way (a yearning desire to show off my car, mixed with withdrawal symptoms from not getting to see other peoples cool cars) then surely other car nuts like me would too.

I know we all post our cars on closed forums, and Facebook groups etc, but I thought “wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful website full of awesome cars, high quality imagery, with more added each day AND finding out a bit about the personalities behind the wheel too?”

So… Driveaholics.com was born, and the challenge now is to try and get as many of you car nuts out there as possible to feature your creations on the site and help turn it into the home for enthusiasts I envisage it can become!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the site!


Me, my Dad and my Son – three generations (hopefully) of Driveaholics!

“It’s what non-car people don’t get. They see all cars as just a ton of wires, glass, metal, and rubber, and that’s all they see. People like you or I know we have an unshakable belief that cars are living entities… You can develop a relationship with a car and that’s what non-car people don’t get

Jeremy clarkson (in conversation with eric bana) – Love the beast